Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe

Homegardeners not only can act as keepers of rare plant varieties in their region. There are some easy things for homegardeners to contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect:

"Fundus" of the month: Cut the fruit trees now for a good harvest in late summer/autumn!

Baumkrone-gut-aufgebautNow the right time  for pruning the fruit trees has come: each angle of the tree crown should receive light and air (wind) to avoid rotting and to achieve a balanced  fruit ripening. Too dense parts, sick branches or one-sided growth can be corrected by pruning. Adult trees do not need an annual cut. If the adult tree is not cut any more, it develops its variety-typical character. However, branches can also break out and weaken the tree. Moreover, a crown balding results over time. Therefore:  one must be able to pierce the hat through the crown of a fruit tree in the late winter, without it hanging ...

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