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Aims and objects of the European Agro-Biodiversity Day

The idea of the EAD is to generate public and media attention for the importance of the conservation of the genetic diversity of livestock breeds and cultivated plants. The European network is represented by the country organisations (SAVE-Partner organisations) in the individual countries. They can use the occasion to present themselves as part of a larger European organisation and to inform about the present situation and conservation efforts in their country. The EAD will promote old and endangered breeds and varieties and their conservation with positive news and, at the same time, emphasise the urgency of conservation efforts. Besides media information, the occasion can also be linked with market or information stalls, exhibitions (fruit, animals), guided tours (show farms), tasting (old fruit varieties, local products), competitions or other PR activities. Each country organisation is free to design their own activity. SAVE provides general media information on the main topic of the year. It can be translated by its partner organisations and completed with with local examples and information that is nationally relevant.

The EAD is always held on 29 September (St Michael's Day). The EAD is also increasingly used by organisations outside of the SAVE Network, a development that is much welcomed by SAVE.



General Topic for 29 September 2011:
"Preservation or Adaptation - Conservation in the face of a changing environment"

We have put together an information package for you to use, comprising of ideas for planning the day, texts with information about the theme and about SAVE and a logo that can be used on all the information that you prepare for the media.

 => The following documents for the EAD 2011 are ready to download here. You may translate the info-package for the media in your national language:




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