ISTA Seed Symposium

The Seed Symposium of the 32nd ISTA Congress under the theme    

Seed technology and quality in a changing world   

To be held in Hyderabad, India, 26-28 June

The symposium will bring together seed analysts, technologists, researchers and managers from universities, research institutes, government and the seed trade to discuss all aspects of seed quality.  The symposium will provide a forum for the discussion of recent advances in seed science and technology as well as an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information. Intending participants are invited to submit oral and poster papers under the above theme.  The research reported in offered papers can cover both the scientific basis of aspects of seed quality and its technological application in seed testing.  In all sessions we welcome papers on established and novel seed testing methods, and on tropical and temperate crop species, wild species, flowers, trees and shrubs, including species with potential for use in plant breeding and in habitat regeneration.


Session 1: Developments in Viability and Vigour testing. Germination and Dormancy, Biochemical tests for viability, New vigour testing methods, Field emergence, Imaging, Seed responses to biotic and abiotic stress.
Session 2: Ensuring seed quality for future generations. Genetic resources, Habitat restoration, Post-harvest handling, Long-term storage, Moisture content and Equilibrium relative humidity, Desiccation tolerance and recalcitrance, Seed longevity, Maintaining the seed quality of non-crop species.   
Session 3: Ensuring seed health and implications of change for seed pathology. Epidemiology, Phytosanitary issues, New diseases, Novel disease testing methods, Seed treatments and control of disease, Biostimulation.  
Session 4: Seed production in a changing environment. The environment and seed quality, Organic seed production, Use of and control of GM material, Genetic and physical purity, New breeding technologies, Maternal effects, Epigenetics, Seed development and maturity, Infestation with pests, Wild Species. 
Session 5: New technology and novel methods for seed quality assessment. Biochemical and molecular techniques, Imaging and scanning technologies, Phenotyping, Genetics of seed quality, Variety identification, GM detection techniques, Automated methods.  

Ort Hyderabad, India