DAGENE Meeting 2020
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The next Annual Meeting of DAGENE (Internat. Association for the Conservation of Animal Breeds in the Danubian Region) will be - as it is usually done - combined with scientific conference, and field trip in Austria, Vienna, June, 3-5, 2020.
The preliminary program for the upcoming DAGENE meeting is as it follows:
June 3. 2020
Arrival 15:00 – 18:00
to Thalheim - Vienna
June 4. 2020
Opening of Annual Meeting at the University of Life Sciences, Vienna
Presentation of scientific papers and posters.
June 5. 2020
Technical tours (visit of Zoo Schönbrunn with the “Tirolerhof” – ex situ, in vivo presentation of rare Austria breeds)
We hope your presence and intensive common participation on this joint meeting will facilitate further networking. Do not hesitate to invite your colleagues as possible new DAGENE members to take part on it.

Ort Thalheim, Vienna, Austria