Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe

Midili small Horse found on the Aegean island Lesbos:

For many decades the small horse of the Greek Aegean island Lesbos named “Midili” was considered to be extinct. The small horse named Midili is about 108 cm (hight at withers). Today there are four regions on the islands where this horse is free roaming. It is estimated that there are about 30 horses in total. The Save partner organisation Amalthia could identify some places on the island where this special breed is not or only less crossbred. But urgent action and investigation is necessary – in times of empty kitties...

Community Seed Banks: How the North Can Learn from the South

Seed Collection Portugalsee more at:

Community Seed Banks (CSB) exist already for decades in many parts of the world, in various forms and functions. Their main objectives are to address the loss of genetic diversity in agriculture and to improve access to seeds, which are adapted to local conditions and which the market does not adequately provide. Several case studies and analyses on CSBs have been published worldwide in recent years. Most of these studies focus on examples of countries in the "South," while very little has been reported on the various forms of CSBs in the "West." See more in the SAVE eNews edition 4/2017

The Future of Food and Farming

ARC 2020, the platform of agricultural and rural actors working together for good food, good farming and better rural policies in the EU, published an exclusive leak of the full text of the Commission's CAP communication. Aim of this paper is a better understanding of the objectives of a new CAP in the view of  the European Commission. It gives a good overview and basis for the ongoing discussions. A roadmap at the end of the paper shows the planned further steps for a new CAP. Download here

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