in situ or on farm conservation of rare breeds and plants is our target. Autochthonous breeds of cattle, donkey, ass, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, horse, chicken, poultry and local varieties of fruit, vegetable, corn, crop, berry, berries we will keep alive. We are active in Europe, especially in East and South Europe, in the Alps, Balkan, the Carpathians and Italy. We collaborate with animal and nature protection, biosphere reserve, nature park, domestic animal farm park, zoological garden and educational farm. Our breeds and crop varieties are resistant, durable, frugal and adaptable.

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Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe



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Generations of breeding work have given rise, over thousands of years, to a multitude of agricultural animal breeds and plant varieties that are optimally adapted to their specific regional environmental conditions. In the same way, the landscape bears the distinct imprint of farmers' widely varying, regional adapted land utilization in crop cultivation and grazing.

The industralization of agriculture in recent decades has increasingly threatened this genetically and historically valuable, human-imprinted biodiversity. Numerous agricultural animal breeds and plant varieties possessing genetic potential worthy of conservation as well as many regional locations with their specific flora and fauna are already irretrievably lost.



old tomato varieties in different size and color




rare Hutsul horses in the Carpathians




SAVE Foundation

The SAVE Foundation acts as European umbrella organization for the promotion and coordination of activieties for the conservation of endangered breeds of domestic animals and cultivated plant varieties in the form of live populations.

Collection and dissemination of information as well as coordination and support of national activities are the main focuses. In various countries, national organizations must still be established or expanded. Additionally. enormous tasks present themselves in Eastern and Southeastern Europe where agriculture is experiencing a radical restructuring. Conservation projects are realized primarly on farm.


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