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Why we care about traditional breeds as Karakachan horse, sheep and dog
- and why they are so valuable and need to be saved

The old Karakachan breeds are one of the oldest forms of domestic animals in Europe. They are the connection between the modern high-productive breeds and the wild predecessors. These three breeds have been selected in a way and in conditions which can not be repeated. This process has created breeds with very high vitality and excellent adaptability to different live conditions. They almost never get ill and are totally unpretentious to the food base. Being a fruit of the eternal, natural harmony they have strong body with good proportions, vital temperament and proverbial toughness. The sheep the horse and the dog must be saved for the research purposes in the fields of immunology, nutrition, reproduction, etc. The rich genetic potential which these breeds carry, will probably be of a big importance in future. They have been and will be unique for the specific, local conditions, because their economic potential is in using them in the low-productive mountainous areas.

For example the Karakachan sheep is resistant to illness and able to survive on the hard and severe mountainous terrain and conditions. It is adapted to long trips on high-mountainous trails. The wool is used in local handicrafts to make traditional products.

The Karakachan horse is still irreplaceable in mountains, where it is used in the logging industry. Horses carry wood material down the settlements without damaging the unity of natural forest ecosystems. These horses have a good character and are perfect for riding and recreation, particularly in mountain regions where other breeds of horses can be even dangerous. They are very cheap for their owners, because they graze all year round and do not need to be fed and kept in enclosures in winter time.

The Karakachan dog has ever been the only effective and the most suitable traditional protection against predators. It is a key factor in solving the predator - man conflict and consequently saving large carnivores. These dogs still prove their irrefutable working abilities in contrast to many other European livestock guarding dog breeds, which have turn to show-dogs. Except all, they are devoted and selfless to their owner.

And last but not least the three Karakachan breeds are an integral part of the Bulgarian culture and customs.







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