Good Food Good Farming campaign
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The Good Food Good Farming campaign was launched in 2012 to mobilise citizens to take actions, and demand good food and good farming across Europe. The biggest campaign action to date was the Good Food March. Organised together with the European Milk Board, European Coordination Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth Europe, IFOAM EU Group, Meine Landwirtschaft, Groupe PAC 2013 and Slow Food, the event saw farmers, consumers and young people from across Europe travel to Brussels (many by bike) for a day of action on September 19th.


The Good Food Good Farming campaign continues... with a Day of Action on 27/28th October 2018!

As in 2012 we will raise our voices to have a stake in the reform process for the EU’s new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Now is the time to present our demands for a better food and farming future and to make politicians listen the interests of people, animals and the environment.


he Days of Action 2018 have been initiated by ARC2020, Meine Landwirtschaft, Friends of the Earth Europe, Heinrich Boell Foundation, European Coordination Via Campesina, Bread for the World, Slow Food and Pour une autre PAC, who teamed up to host a day of action across the continent.

We invite organisations from all EU member states to join us and get organising for a real change in the agricultural policy of the EU! Together we can raise the alarm for Good Food and Good Farming! Get in touch.

The Good Food Good Farming campaign started as an initiative of the Agricultural and Rural Convention (ARC2020) - a civil society platform for organisations and individuals across Europe calling for a REAL reform of the CAP. Set up in 2010, ARC2020's scope is to give civil society a strong voice in the reform process, and to mobilize beyond traditional stakeholder interests.

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