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ASCI Piemonte invites to A Babel of Seeds


the EXCHANGE fair of self-production of SEMI, scions, seedlings, bulbs, sourdough and knowledge


The eighth edition of a Seed Babel will be dedicated to the theme LOCAL SEEDS and LOCALISMS. The seed has always been linked to the land and the territory in which it grows and evolves. Equally, at least in the last twelve thousand years, also to the individuals who feed on it, cultivate it and carry it with them during their movements. Cultures, habits, traditions and communities have grown and shaped themselves around the fruit of the seeds, in a reciprocal and indissoluble bond. Kilometers zero, traditional products, markets of local products are the most recurrent words today that evoke that bond. But, together with the enhancement of local production and the territory, is there a risk of lending our support to the various localisms and identitarisms that the territory thinks of as made up of dividing walls and barriers? So what is the sense for the rural world of the effort to recover and encourage the adaptation of old varieties in the field? Can the answer be the absolute value that agricultural biodiversity has inherent in its evolution? We talk about it in the morning round table within the program of the Knowledge Workshops with the contribution of Stefano Capello, Paola Migliorini, Filippo Barbera, Luca Ferrero.


Ort Cascina Roccafranca, 10137 Torino, Italy