Reclaim the Seeds
Due to Corona we had to cancel the seed fairs in Amsterdam an Frederiksoord (in Drenthe) last year. But we will have to sow, plant and eat! So we started again. This year there will be an online Reclaim the Seeds.

We are working on a programme with lectures and an online possibility to swap seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Updates about this online seed festival you will be able to find on the website of Reclaim the Seeds Amsterdam. Here will be explained how you can participate.

protest tegen patenten tijdens Reclaim the Seeds 2017 Reclaim the Seeds is an event during which the exchange of information and seeds is combined with discussions on political themes and practical workshops. The goal is to involve more people in the movement towards agriculture biodiversity and robust, sustainable food production. Reclaim the Seeds contributes directly to this by encouraging the exchange of rare and special varieties.

Reclaim the Seeds began in 2010 as a protest against the new EU seed legislation. Today, the focus is more on resistance against patents on crops and on supporting a climate neutral, 'fossil free' agriculture. The programme also covers other practical, theoretical and political topics related to agriculture.
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