The SAVE partner organizations meet annually in a partner country for the "SAVE Annual Meeting" where also the "European Seminar on Agrobiodiversity" with varying thematic focuses takes place. At the meeting the SAVE bodies run their sessions and there is the possibility for contacts and networking within the SAVE partners and guests.

25. – 28. August 2019 – Vaalbeek, Belgium

25. August Wachtebeke, Belgium, SLE Expo: IMAGE 4. Dialogue Forum: Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Rules
> E. Martyniuk, Warsaw University of Life Sciences: Access and Benefit sharing in animal breeding, conservation and research
> A. Kozlowska, EU Commission: ABS rules in the EU – EU ABS legal framework: ABS Rules
Further information:
> DG ENV, ABS website:
> CBD Nagoya Protocol and ABSCH websites: and

13th European Agrobiodiversity Seminar
> Greek Society for the Protection of Indigenous Animal Breeds: AMALTHIA
> ALBAGENE A brief overview on conservation and sustainable use of Albanian AnGRFA 
> Nationale Boomgaarden Stichting: Biodiversity for a more sustainable Fruit Growing
> Old Danish Livestock Breeds
> Patrijske-Beer
> Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed: Living Heritage court label
> SZH: Successful business with rare breeds
> SZH Pitch Talk
> Conservation and use of Witloof: The Witloof Seedbank
> Council of Cooperation Partners and IMAGE Outcomes Survey Council Report and IMAGE Survey

24. – 27. June 2018 – Kozard, Hungary

12th European Agrobiodiversity Seminar
> SZH/Geert Boink: Disease Management and Protection for endangered Breeds
> SAVE Project Office/Waltraud Kugler: Innovations and ethical issues for the cryoconservation of animal genetic resources
> De Oerakker/Obe Bootsma: Oranje Lijst
> GEH/Antje Feldmann: Concepts for the Marketing of Products of rare Breeds in Germany
> REDD/Markus Luethi: Linking Nature protection with sustainable rural development in Bulgaria 2012 – 2017
> PatriMont/Markus Stadelmann: Conservation of the Black and spotted Alpine pig
> PSR/Philippe Ammann: A Label for Agrobiodiversity Products

07. – 09. september 2017 – Ponte de Lima, Portugal

11th European Agrobiodiversity Seminar
> AMIBIA: Homemade Poultry Slaughter
> SAVE Project Office/Waltraud Kugler: Chances and Obstacles of current Rules & Consultations
> Tim Lambert: Brief history of Portugal
> SZH/Geert Boink: consequences of the end of the milkquota
> GEH/Antje Feldmann: Health Management and Disease Protection
> SZH/Nonja Remijn: Getting politics and crowd involved in protecting rare breeds
> Ana Maria Barata/INIAV: Conservation and Valorization of Plant Genetic Resources

15. – 17. september 2016 – Metlika Nature Park, Slovenia

10th European Agrobiodiversity Seminar: How does the SAVE Network contribute to Agro-Biodiversity in Europe?”
> Drago Kompan: The richness on diversity in Slovenia
> Boris Grabrijan: Comprehensive view on biodiversity in Regional Park KOLPA
> Obe Bootsma: Heritage crops: conservation through use: The Dutch approach
> Cornelia Lehmann: Preservation of vegetables through establishment a network
> Vladimir Meglic: Slovenian vegetable landraces and their re-introduction
> Metka Candek-Potokar: TREASURE: Multifunctionality of local pig breeds
> Antje Feldmann: Health management and disease protection for ANGR

Short Presentations of the participating Network Partners:
AnGR conservation, Slovenia
SLE, Belgium
SZH and De Oerakker, The Netherlands
EIP Animal Conservation Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
VERN, Germany
GEH, Germany
PSR, Switzerland
REDD, Switzerland
UVMB, Hungary
RARE, Italy
Rete Semi Rurali, Italy
FERA, Portugal
Amalthia, Greece

10. – 12. september 2015 – Lake Kerkini National Park, Greece

9. europ. Agrobiodiversity Seminar: "Unrecognised and Isolated Populations of rare breeds and varieties"
> Kostas Papaioanou: Welcome Letter
> Chryssanthi Intzidou: Introduction on Lake Kerkini and management issues of the National Park
> Iosif Bizelis: Current situation of autochthonous breeds in Greece
> Vasilis Lekkas: Unrecognised and isolated Populations of Rare breeds in Greece
> Jelena Ramljak / Waltraud Kugler: BushaLive’ and DNA of Greek Cattle Breeds
> Panagiota Koutsouli: Μanaging small and isolated populations
> Andras Gaspardy: Szekely Horse
> Kapllan Sulaj: Livestock Values and Biodiversity Conservation in the Prespa National Park in Albania – Case Study on Cattle Population and Genetic Diversity
> Posters Amalthia

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